Steeles Industrial: A Neighborhood of Diversity and Industry

Location and Boundaries

Steeles Industrial is an industrial/employment area located in south Brampton, between Steeles Ave and Highway 407. The southwest end of the neighborhood also includes big-box stores, a cinema, hotels, and a school.


The area has a dynamic population and is popular among various age groups including families with kids under 5, families with kids aged 5 to 9, people in their 20s, 30s, and 50s. Families with kids make up 43% of households, while couples without children make up 19% of households. The area is home to people from 66 different ethnic origins, with 47% being first-generation immigrants.


Steeles Industrial offers a variety of amenities. There are several coffee shops, fast-food joints, and bars in the area. The neighborhood has one park and one recreational facility, providing limited options for outdoor activities.


The area has 157 transit stops, including Bramalea GO. About 7.1% of the population uses public transportation for commuting. The average commute times range from 15 to 60 minutes, with 44% of residents commuting within the city and 56% commuting to another city.


The neighborhood is served by 13 public schools and 4 Catholic schools, offering special programs like International Baccalaureate and French Immersion.

Employment and Income

In terms of employment, 68% of people over age 15 are employed. The most common industries include retail trade, transportation, and warehousing. The household income varies, with 25% of adult residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.


Steeles Industrial is a neighborhood that offers a blend of industrial and residential features. Its diverse population and multiple amenities make it a unique area in Brampton, suitable for both families and individuals.