Gore Industrial North: A Quiet Yet Convenient Neighborhood in Brampton

Boundaries and Location

Gore Industrial North is located in the eastern part of Brampton. While specific boundaries are not well-defined, the area is generally considered to be an industrial zone with some residential pockets.

Livability and Amenities

According to AreaVibes, the neighborhood has a livability score of 75 out of 100. However, it’s worth noting that the area is not abundant in amenities. Most of the amenities are industrial in nature, and there are limited options for coffee shops and recreational facilities.

Housing Market

The housing market in Gore Industrial North is diverse, with prices starting at around $949,959. The area offers a mix of residential and industrial properties, making it unique in its offerings.


The neighborhood is well-connected to major highways like Hwy 427 and 407, making it convenient for those who rely on vehicular transportation. Public transit options are also available, although details are sparse.

Schools and Education

Information on schools in the area is limited, which may indicate that it’s not a primary residential area for families with children.

Employment and Economy

Being an industrial zone, the area is likely to offer various employment opportunities, particularly in manufacturing and logistics. However, specific data on employment rates and sectors is not readily available.

What to Expect

If you’re considering moving to Gore Industrial North, expect a quieter residential experience with easy access to industrial amenities. The area may not be bustling with recreational activities, but it offers a unique blend of residential and industrial living.


Gore Industrial North is a unique area in Brampton that combines industrial and residential living. While it may not offer a plethora of amenities, its strategic location near major highways makes it a convenient place for those working in industrial sectors.