Castlemore Crossing: A Neighborhood of Luxury and Convenience

Boundaries and Location

Castlemore Crossing is located 14 km northeast of downtown Brampton, Ontario. It is situated northwest of Claireville and is accessible from Highway 427 via Highway 7, as well as The Gore and the Highway 407 at the Goreway interchange or at Airport Road interchange. The area has been in active development since the early 1990s Wikipedia.

History and Development

The larger lots in Castlemore Crossing were developed in the 1970s and expanded in the northern portion in the 1980s. The area has seen continuous development, including the construction of multiple new luxury properties such as the Vales of Humber Estates. The southwestern portion near Springdale expanded in 2001, and development south of Castlemore has continued since 2002 with smaller lots Wikipedia.

Demographics and Lifestyle

The population density in Castlemore Crossing is 135% higher than Brampton, and the median age is 8% lower. The area is rich in cultural diversity, with 69.15% of the population being South Asian, 10.83% Black, and 3.81% belonging to other visible minorities. The religious landscape is also diverse, with significant Sikh, Hindu, Christian, and Muslim communities AreaVibes.

Schools and Education

While specific information about schools in Castlemore Crossing is not available, the graduation rate in the area is 79%, indicating a strong educational foundation AreaVibes.

Amenities and Recreation

The West Humber River flows through the western portion of Castlemore Crossing, providing natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Farmlands formerly surrounded the center of the area, while forests dominate the Etobicoke Creek and the West Humber River valleys, which include conservation areas Wikipedia.


Castlemore Crossing is a neighborhood that offers a blend of rich history, diverse demographics, and a range of amenities. Its strategic location and continuous development make it a sought-after area for families and investors alike.

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