Case Study: Tripling Revenue Through Strategic SEO – A Success Story by Search Logistics



In a highly competitive real estate niche, sustaining a dominant online presence is crucial. Our client, a seasoned player in the industry, recognized the escalating costs associated with paid search strategies. This case study delineates the transformative journey orchestrated by Search Logistics, which not only tripled the client’s monthly revenue but also significantly boosted their organic traffic and leads.


Initially, the client had a strong reliance on paid search strategies, which, although profitable, were becoming increasingly costly due to the high cost-per-click associated with keywords in their niche. Recognizing the potential of SEO as a sustainable, long-term strategy for lead generation, the client sought the expertise of Search Logistics to revamp their online presence.


SEO Audit and Strategy Development

The first step involved a meticulous audit to identify existing issues and formulate a robust SEO strategy. The audit revealed a highly competitive niche with top results driven by powerful backlink profiles. The site suffered from thin content issues on most pages and technical issues like URL duplication and keyword cannibalization.

On-Site Optimization

To address the identified weaknesses, a comprehensive on-site optimization strategy was devised. This involved:

  1. Content Enhancement: Populating key pages with rich, unique content optimized for location-specific and long-tail search queries. The goal was to create pages with at least 1,000 words of well-written, keyword-focused content without compromising the conversion rate.
  2. URL Duplication Resolution: Implementing strategies to eliminate URL duplication caused by incorrect links and trailing dash inconsistencies. This included setting up automatic 301 redirects and hard-coded canonical tags on all pages across the site.
  3. Keyword Cannibalization Resolution: Addressing keyword cannibalization by consolidating pages targeting the same keywords into one definitive version and implementing NOINDEX and FOLLOW meta tags where necessary.
Link Building Strategy

A targeted link-building campaign was initiated to build the domain’s overall authority and the authority of key internal pages. This strategy focused on building high-metric relevant domains to enhance the site’s authority with fewer links, maintaining a natural link velocity.


The implementation phase saw a harmonious blend of content strategy and link-building efforts. The content strategy focused on populating pages with rich, unique content, while the link-building strategy aimed at building a powerful link profile to boost the site’s authority.


The campaign yielded remarkable results, with a 93.91% increase in organic traffic and a 191.6% increase in the number of leads generated by organic traffic. The client secured 21 top 3 positions and 40 top 10 positions, effectively tripling their monthly income from search traffic alone. This transformation translated to an increase of £24,840 per year through SEO, bringing in a total of £37,800 annually through organic SEO.


This case study exemplifies the transformative power of a well-orchestrated SEO strategy. Through a comprehensive overhaul encompassing on-site optimization and focused link-building efforts, Search Logistics successfully revitalized the client’s online presence. The substantial growth in organic traffic and leads underscores the efficacy of the strategies implemented, paving the way for a sustainable, long-term growth strategy.