Case Study: Revitalizing Real Estate SEO with Realtor Skale



In the fiercely competitive real estate market, maintaining a robust online presence is paramount. Our client, a prominent player in the industry, recognized the dwindling efficacy of their existing SEO strategies, which had gradually led to a decline in their market position. This case study delineates the comprehensive SEO overhaul orchestrated by Realtor Skale, which propelled the client from a mere 300 clicks per month to a staggering 5000 clicks per month.


Initially, the client relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing, acquiring most of their leads through this channel. However, as competition intensified, the client realized the imperative need to revamp their SEO strategy to regain their erstwhile market prominence. The brand had previously enjoyed top positions for commercial real estate SEO terms, but their rankings had gradually diminished as competitors invested more in SEO optimization.


SEO Audit and Strategy Development

The first step involved a meticulous audit to identify existing issues and formulate a robust SEO strategy. The audit revealed that the website needed a significant overhaul, especially concerning site structure and on-page SEO elements. Moreover, the content marketing efforts lacked a coherent strategy, often resulting in keyword cannibalization between blog posts.

Website Restructuring

To target key commercial terms effectively and drive revenue, a significant restructuring of the website was imperative. A new URL structure was devised to include each qualifying keyword, facilitating better targeting of subsets of keywords. This restructuring was accompanied by the implementation of 301 redirects to signal the changes to Google, ensuring a seamless transition and preserving the site’s SEO equity.

On-page SEO Optimization

The on-page SEO optimization focused on enhancing internal linking to foster relationships between pages and distribute link equity more effectively. Additional content was added to the pages to provide Google with substantial information to understand the targeted keywords better. This strategy mirrored successful approaches adopted by competitors and aimed to align the website more closely with Google’s ranking algorithms.


Content Strategy

The content strategy was revamped to focus on targeting keywords with significant search volume and commercial intent. This approach aimed to avoid the common mistake of creating content for the sake of it, without considering the potential SEO benefits. The new strategy emphasized creating multiple listing pages targeting various sub-terms, depending on the filters applied to each listing page, thereby driving more organic traffic.

Link Building

A concerted effort was made to build a robust link profile to enhance the website’s authority. This strategy involved creating relevant link-building and internal linking strategies to prop up target pages in the search results, capitalizing on opportunities often overlooked by larger brands.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The conversion rate optimization strategy involved creating additional landing pages to target overlooked commercial terms and optimizing the sales funnel to maximize the potential of mid-funnel traffic. Efforts were also made to increase email opt-ins through mid-funnel traffic, setting up property alerts email flows to re-engage potential customers.


The implementation of these strategies led to a significant increase in organic traffic, with the client’s website experiencing a surge from 300 to 5000 clicks per month. The website also saw improved rankings for targeted keywords, resulting in increased visibility and a higher number of leads acquired through organic search.


This case study exemplifies the transformative power of a well-orchestrated SEO strategy. Through a comprehensive overhaul encompassing website restructuring, content strategy revamp, and focused link-building efforts, Realtor Skale successfully revitalized the client’s online presence. The substantial growth in organic traffic and improved rankings underscore the efficacy of the strategies implemented.

As the client continues to build on this success, future strategies will focus on further enhancing the website’s SEO performance, with an emphasis on continuous optimization and adaptation to the evolving SEO landscape.