Case Study: Revitalizing Link Building Strategies for a Flourishing Real Estate Business

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In the fiercely competitive realm of the real estate industry, establishing a strong online presence is paramount. This case study delineates the journey of a real estate client who, despite having a significant presence across 12 states with 30 offices in the US, was grappling with the challenges of enhancing their online visibility and link-building outreach. Here, we unravel how a strategic collaboration with Link Building HQ transformed their digital landscape, bolstering their link profile and skyrocketing their website traffic.


The client, a prominent player in the real estate sector, specializes in procuring offers on properties from licensed real estate agents. Despite having a substantial footprint across the US, the client found themselves in a predicament – their newly launched website was struggling to garner responses from high DA (Domain Authority) sites for link-building, a critical aspect in enhancing online visibility and SEO rankings.


The initial challenge was the inadequate number of organic backlinks from websites in the regions where the client operated. This shortfall was a significant impediment to kickstarting their digital journey with a bang. Moreover, the client aimed to enhance the visibility of some crucial keywords, a vital component in attracting a targeted audience to their website.

Strategy and Implementation

To address these challenges, a robust link-building outreach campaign was initiated. The first step was to create link-worthy content that would resonate with the client’s niche. The content team at Link Building HQ embarked on this mission, crafting content that surpassed the quality of existing materials on the web. This content creation was complemented by a well-planned outreach strategy, where emails were crafted to highlight the value the content would bring to the readership of targeted websites.

Simultaneously, the existing content of the client was repurposed into infographics, which were shared with websites experiencing high traffic flow. This strategy was twofold: enhancing the visibility of the client’s website and filtering out bad links from their link profile.

Between March and May 2020, this concerted effort resulted in the acquisition of 20 new links and the identification and disavowal of 55 toxic links, a significant stride in cleaning up and strengthening their link profile.


The results were nothing short of remarkable. Following the May 2020 Core Update, the client witnessed a substantial increase in both traffic and keyword rankings, a trend that has sustained since then. Specifically, the website traffic surged by 39.5%, and the visibility, denoted by ranking keywords, saw an uplift of 36.44%.

A detailed breakdown of the keyword rankings on Google SERPs between 12th March and 14th May 2020 revealed the following improvements:

  • Keywords ranking in positions 1-3 (Page 1) increased by 47.9% (from 119 to 176).
  • Keywords ranking in positions 4-10 (Page 1) escalated by 57.3% (from 150 to 236).
  • Keywords ranking in positions 11-100 (Pages 2-10) grew by 35.2% (from 3,553 to 4,803).

This surge in rankings translated to more traffic, impressions, and clicks, validating the efforts put into the link-building campaign.


This case study stands as a testament to the transformative potential of a well-orchestrated link-building strategy in the real estate sector. Through a collaboration with Link Building HQ, the client not only amplified their digital presence but also set a trajectory for sustained growth and success in the industry. It underscores the critical role of link-building as a tool for effective search engine optimization, paving the way for businesses to thrive in the digital domain.

Source: Link Building HQ Case Study