Case Study: Elevating Real Estate Success through Strategic SEO – A Bret Wallace & InboundREM Collaboration



In the dynamic landscape of the real estate market, establishing a robust online presence is pivotal. Bret Wallace, a real estate agent, recognized the limitations of relying solely on standard lead services like Zillow, which had plateaued his annual Gross Commission Income (GCI) at around $175,000. This case study chronicles the transformative journey embarked upon by Bret Wallace in collaboration with InboundREM, a company spearheaded by Robert Newman, renowned for its expertise in inbound marketing lead generation and SEO. The collaboration not only catapulted Bret’s GCI by 70% within two years but also established a sustainable digital marketing strategy yielding impressive returns on investment (ROI).


Bret Wallace initially relied heavily on conventional lead services, which, although fruitful, had reached a saturation point, restricting further growth. Recognizing the untapped potential of digital marketing, Bret collaborated with InboundREM to revitalize his online presence and create a sustainable growth strategy.


YouTube SEO

Bret ventured into the realm of YouTube SEO, creating a channel that focused on the real estate dynamics of Fort Bend, Texas. The strategy was centered on producing hyperlocal video content, a move that not only put Bret’s face in front of potential leads but also provided unique value to viewers. This initiative garnered over 70,000 views, translating to significant leads and transactions, and a GCI of $256,500 over two years, solely from YouTube.

Google My Business (GMB)

A well-optimized GMB profile became a cornerstone in Bret’s digital strategy. Through active engagement and fostering excellent reviews, the profile started generating over 100 calls annually, with approximately 25 converting to solid leads, thus establishing a steady lead generation channel.

Hyperlocal Search Packet

To further amplify his online presence, Bret utilized Google’s hyperlocal search packet for paid advertising. Despite being a relatively new entrant in the advertising spectrum, it demonstrated promising results, achieving an initial 12.5X ROI, with prospects of escalating up to 25X ROI.

Website Traffic

Bret’s website, “Homes of Fort Bend”, although not a massive generator of organic search traffic, played a pivotal role in the overarching digital strategy. It served as a hub that facilitated direct traffic from various sources, enhancing the efficacy of other digital channels.


Content Creation

The YouTube channel became a repository of rich content, with videos primarily consisting of neighborhood tours and market insights, filmed candidly with minimal editing. This approach not only humanized the content but also resonated well with the audience, fostering a community of engaged viewers.

Client Engagement

Client engagement took center stage in optimizing the GMB profile. By actively seeking reviews from satisfied clients and reciprocating with gratitude, a positive feedback loop was established, enhancing the profile’s credibility and reach.

Paid Advertising

The paid advertising strategy, leveraging Google’s hyperlocal search packet, demonstrated promising ROI, indicating a lucrative avenue for future investments and scaling.


The collaboration with InboundREM marked a significant milestone in Bret’s career, elevating his GCI from $175,000 to a staggering $320,000 within two years. The total investment of $22,000 to $25,000 yielded a 10X ROI, showcasing the potential for even higher returns.


This case study epitomizes the transformative power of a well-strategized digital marketing approach. Through a blend of YouTube SEO, optimized GMB profile, and targeted advertising, Bret Wallace not only broke the GCI plateau but also established a sustainable growth trajectory. The collaboration with InboundREM stands as a testament to the potential of digital marketing in revolutionizing real estate success, paving the way for a promising future with even greater achievements.