Case Study: A Realtor’s Journey to Dominance in Local SEO

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In the dynamic world of real estate, establishing a dominant online presence is a pivotal step towards success. This case study chronicles the journey of Paige Schulte, a realtor who aspired to be the number one choice in her market. With the expertise of Seymour Digital Media, Paige transformed her business, becoming a leading figure in her industry through a targeted local SEO strategy. Let’s delve into the intricate process and the remarkable outcomes of this collaboration.


Paige Schulte embarked on her real estate journey with high aspirations and a clear vision: to be the top realtor in her area, Gig Harbor, Washington State. Although she had a significant social media presence, Paige sought to capitalize on Google, the largest search engine in the United States, to enhance her visibility and attract potential clients seeking to buy homes in her area.


Despite having a website and a strong desire to excel, Paige faced the challenge of optimizing her online presence to rank higher in local searches and Google Maps. She realized that while Google Ads and Google Guaranteed brought some visibility, the real game-changer would be organic positioning in local searches and maps.

Strategy and Implementation

To overcome these challenges, Paige collaborated with Seymour Digital Media in 2021. The first step was a comprehensive audit of her existing assets, focusing on maximizing the utilization of her Google Business Profile. Recognizing that photos were her best asset, the team embarked on a mission to use them effectively to enhance her profile.

The strategy was straightforward yet yielded extraordinary results. The team focused on optimizing various elements of the Google Business Profile, including product sections, posts, images, categories, locations, and service sections, ensuring alignment with the website content. A photo/image drip campaign was initiated, adding new photos to the Google Business Profile weekly, enhancing visibility and engagement.


The results of this collaboration were nothing short of spectacular. Within nine months, Paige moved from the #3 position to being the #1 realtor in her area, a transformation that significantly impacted her business. She expanded her operations, establishing her brokerage and recruiting agents to work under her.

The highlights of the local SEO ranking include:

  • A 120% increase in discovery search impressions year over year.
  • A 37% increase in phone calls, enhancing client engagement.
  • An 86% increase in image views in search, showcasing the effectiveness of the photo strategy.

The optimization of the Google Business Profile played a crucial role in this success, with a notable increase in impressions and clicks originating from Google. The strategy also led to a surge in phone calls from the Google Business Profile, a critical metric given that 64% of consumers use Google My Business to find contact details for local businesses.


This case study illustrates the transformative power of a well-executed local SEO strategy in the real estate industry. Paige Schulte’s journey from a new realtor to the leading figure in her market is a testament to the effectiveness of a targeted SEO approach. Through continuous investment in local SEO and a fruitful collaboration with Seymour Digital Media, Paige has set a new benchmark in the industry, proving that with the right strategies, achieving online dominance is within reach.

Source: Seymour Digital Media Case Study