Brampton West: A Neighborhood of Diversity and Growth


Brampton West is a diverse and growing neighborhood located in the western part of Brampton. It is bordered by Brampton North, East, South, and West, and is a mix of residential and commercial areas. The southern part of the neighborhood is older, featuring mature trees and homes developed around the 1960s. The northern part is more recent, with homes generally from the 1980s, and is characterized by larger houses on narrower lots.

Demographics and Lifestyle

The neighborhood is popular among people in their 20s to 50s and has a consistent population. It is a mix of single detached homes, semi-detached homes, townhomes, and both low-rise and high-rise apartments. A railway line runs north-south through the neighborhood, adding a unique character to the area hoodq.

Amenities and Recreation

Brampton West features a range of sports fields, parklands, trails, and a recreation center. The neighborhood is also a mix of residential and commercial areas, offering residents a variety of amenities and services within easy reach.

Economy and Employment

The median income in Brampton West is $93,896, which is 7% higher than the Ontario average. The unemployment rate is 5.9%, and the area scores high in terms of employment AreaVibes.


Brampton West is a neighborhood that offers a blend of old and new, with a diverse community and a range of amenities. Its strong economy and excellent recreational facilities make it a desirable place to live.

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