Brampton East: A Neighborhood of Cultural Diversity and Convenience


Brampton East is a well-established neighborhood in Brampton, Ontario, situated to the east of Downtown Brampton. The area is a blend of residential, industrial, and commercial zones, featuring a variety of housing options such as single detached homes, semi-detached homes, townhomes, as well as low-rise and high-rise apartments. The neighborhood is bordered by the scenic Etobicoke Creek, parklands, and a trail, adding a touch of nature to the urban setting.

Demographics and Lifestyle

The neighborhood is popular among people in their 20s to 50s and has a consistent population. Families with children make up 47% of households, while couples without children account for 24%. The area is incredibly diverse, with residents hailing from 106 different ethnic origins. First-generation immigrants make up 35% of the population, and second-generation immigrants account for 28% hoodq.

Amenities and Recreation

Brampton East offers a wealth of amenities and recreational facilities. The neighborhood features 6 parks and 15 recreational facilities, including playgrounds, tennis courts, sports fields, and even a community center. The area is also served by 9 public schools, 5 Catholic schools, and 1 private school, offering a range of educational options for families hoodq.

Commute and Transportation

The area is well-connected, with 126 transit stops, including the Brampton GO station. Most residents commute by vehicle (82%), but there is also a significant number who use public transit (14%). Commute times vary, with 34% of residents commuting for 15 to 29 minutes, and 55% commuting to another city hoodq.


Brampton East is a diverse and convenient neighborhood that offers a range of housing options, amenities, and excellent transportation links. Its cultural diversity and family-friendly environment make it a desirable place to live.

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