Brampton 407 Corridor: A Diverse and Dynamic Neighborhood


Brampton 407 Corridor is a unique area in Brampton, Ontario, that runs along Highway 407 from Mavis Rd in the southwest to Torbram Rd in the northeast. The neighborhood is generally a hydro corridor and includes a mix of industrial areas, playing fields, and even the Brampton Golf Club. It’s a diverse community popular among people in their 20s to 50s.


According to AreaVibes, the neighborhood doesn’t offer many amenities close to its location. However, it does have a few parks like Brampton Sports Park, Kennedy Valley Park, and Mount Charles Park. The area also has various fast-food options and coffee shops like Tim Hortons and Starbucks.


The neighborhood has a D- commute score, with 7.3% of people taking public transportation. There are a few bus stops, but most residents commute to another city for work. The average commute times range from 15 to over 60 minutes.

Demographics and Lifestyle

According to hoodq, the neighborhood has a consistent population and is popular among various age groups. Families with kids make up 63% of households, while couples without children make up 13%. The area is ethnically diverse, with residents coming from 44 different ethnic origins.


Brampton 407 Corridor is a neighborhood that offers a blend of industrial, recreational, and residential spaces. While it may not be rich in amenities, it offers a diverse community and various commuting options, making it a unique and dynamic area to live or work in.

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